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The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”

Bill Gates

Private Label (White Label) Website Development Program Business Opportunity

Private Label (White Label) Website Development Program Business Opportunity

We have created a private label (also called white label) program for those who want to take advantage of our website development, hosting and internet marketing platform to advance a career or create an additional income stream.

This is a Business Opportunity

Businesses require investment, risk and effort and yields an expected return.


The minimum required investment for a complete private label is $2,500 for initial setup and $250/mo for support.

  • You may purchase it and start with your own private label immediately.
    • 50% of Setups
    • 50% of Residuals
    • RISK: if you don't generate enough leads, you'll be losing money each month ...

  • You may earn it and get your private label when sales have paid for it.
    • 10% of Setups (40% applies to pay for label setup until paid)
    • 10% of Residuals (you'll start earning 50% when $250/mo in residuals is paid)


Marketing is a Must

ALL you have to do to have a successful business is market to generate leads.  We can do the rest for you.

When we say "ALL" we are only emphasizing the singularity of where you must be successful.  We are NOT suggesting that this is easy.  If you think it is, then we want to hire you ourselves and have you work directly for us and we'll make a LOT more money than by providing a private label for you.

  • Just generate leads.  We can close them for you.

If you are GOOD at lead generation you would NEVER want to work for anyone but yourself!

Artistic Talent is Unimportant

We can provide ALL of the necessary arts: graphics, photos, video ... 

Technical Skills Don't Matter, Either

We can provide all of this as well ...

Programming Expertise is Nearly Useless

We are programmers.  We don't need programmers.


Private Label Licensees receive 50% on most development and monthly or annual fees.  It pays handsomely to be really good at qualified lead generation!

Call us for more information.

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