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You can keep your credit card in your purse or wallet.  We won't ask for it and we won't send you a bill.

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Need More Convincing?

We Love it When That Happens!

Why?  Because the more you know and understand about us, the more likely you are to give us a chance to earn your business.


We create attractive and affordable, mobile-friendly website that convert visitors into customers.

You need a professional website that works well for all devices, since 60-90% of your website users are on a mobile device right now!

Are they finding you? We can help!
Want to sell online? We've got you covered!
Need more great reviews? We've got a program that will help you get the reviews you deserve!

You can use our easy website builder to build your own website or hire us to build it for you.

If you prefer, call us for a free consultation and we'll build a free, custom website demo for your company. We won't ask for your credit card and we won't send you a bill. There's no risk to you. Just buy it IF you like it! We've got easy payment plans, too.

We can help you attract more clients, increase their satisfaction and make more money.

Welcome to the family of Best Way Websites!

Employee Owned & Operated 100% USA

We're not afraid of ANY question that you may want to ask.  We are a CLIENT FIRST company, NOT a SHAREHOLDER FIRST company.  Our company is 100% USA owned and operated by our own EMPLOYEES.

We don't have stock holders, so we can truly focus upon YOU.

No Fine Print

We believe in loving our neighbor as ourselves ... and you are our neighbor in this regard.  From the get-go, we decided to create the best program that we could for our clients AND to couple it with the best polices, so there are no "trap doors" in our program that will hurt you if you decide to fire us and take your website somewhere else.

With Best Way Websites, if you are not satisfied with our website editor (CMS), the website you've built with it or the business class hosting that we provide ... simply fire us and take your website somewhere else, because you can!

  • Try that with ANY other competitive program ... you're STUCK with them and if you leave ... you'll have to start all over again.
  • We only want business that we DESERVE to keep, and we have nearly zero attrition.
  • We're not worried about you leaving us, so we don't need "traps".
  • You can zip your complete website in a click and download it.  There are literally dozens of website editors (free or low cost) that you could use to edit your website!

Full Disclosure Advocates

Yes, we are advocates for full disclosure.  If you'll take the time to think about what is fair and just about a website that is developed for your company, you'll come up with Best Way Websites.


With Best Way Websites, you've got options!  We've got an easy website builder that you can use if you are a "do it yourselfer".  Just fill in the blanks that are presented to you and if you need help, watch the on-page video.

Or, call us and get an expert consultation for free, tell us what you'd like to spend and we'll create a free, custom website demo for your review.  If we have done a good job, you'll want to buy it AFTER you see it.  If you don't like it, then you simply don't buy it and there are NO HOOKS.  Just walk away, freely.

diy-websites.png pay-a-pro-websites.png 

Whichever you choose, it all starts with registering for a free account.  Register and start building FREE or register and schedule your free phone consultation. 

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Zero Risk!  Risk Free - No Risk at All ...

Register for free and then give us a call!

We will learn about your business and try to make sure that we fully understand your needs and expectations.  Then, we will create a custom website demo for you to review.  If you like it, you buy it.  If we cannot create something you like, then you don't buy it.  It's that simple!

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Name Your Price!

Yep.  Name your Price!

Tell us what you want to spend and we will show you a custom site that is in your budget.

  1. Tell us what you want to spend.
  2. We'll create a custom site demonstration for your budget.
  3. If you like it, buy it.  If you don't like it, don't buy it.

There's no trick here.  We are a real business and this is no joke, so "No, We will not build your site free."  We could, but we won't.  However, we can build you a real site starting as low as $100. 

It all starts with you taking the next step.  Registration with our program is free and it only takes a few moments of your time.  You won't be asked to add a credit card.  Once you complete your registration, you'll see a popup that allows you to schedule a time for your FREE Consult Phone Call.

Please take a moment and think about what you'd like to spend before the call.

It's that simple! - Register for FREE and then give us a call!

Monthly or Annual Service Plans

You can choose the service plan that fits your goals and budget.  Our service bundles start with Service Level 1 at just $15/mo, and you only start paying for them when you are ready to publish your website to your domain.

What Does Service Level 1 Get You?

  • $15/mo
  • Domain
  • Business Class Hosting
  • Website Editor
  • Support (videos, user guide, support tickets)

What Are Some Other Service Bundles?

  • Service Level 2
    •  $25/mo
    • Adds Slider, Pitch Video, Gallery & Store
  • Service Level 3
    •  $50/mo
    • Adds unlimited, direct phone support
    • Adds pro email with unique IP (unlimited)
  • Service Level 4
    • $75/mo
    • Adds Professional Reviews Program
  • Service Level 5
    • $100/mo
    • Adds Local Search Marketing

... and there remains Service Levels 6 through 10 with even more services.

We Could Go On Forever ...

... but we won't.  Let us help you.  Register for free and give us a call!

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