Like Most of our Clients, Best Way Websites is suffering from COVID-19,
while Big Box outfits and those with government jobs are fine.

We (Doug and Sawyer) are fine, healthy and thriving in body and spirit.  We drink plenty of water, have strong immune systems, and we breathe uninhibited, fresh air. laughing

Update: 01/19/2021 at 12:24:44 PM

Best Way Websites (financially) suffered in 2020 and things are still SLOW, of course.  The UNCONSTITUTIONAL "mandates" and LOCKDOWNS that were pushed on us from this "outbreak" has killed businesses, including many of our former clients.

Is Your Business a COVID Casualty?
Call us: 877-901-0246

Let us know if you have a hardship due to the "outbreak" rules.  Unless you are completely going out of business, we can downgrade your service level or suspend your billing.  Talk to us if you need this!  We are in this together.


Some of our customers got government help, many did not.  We reluctantly tried to get assistance from the government, but were not successful.  We realize you may be in the same boat.  We are in this together.

What Can You Do to Help Us?

PRAY.  We have suspended billing for clients that are trying to hold on but are in the same shape as us due to lost revenue.  If we do this for you, Please pay what you can when you can.  That is all we ask.  We know that God is Sovereign and He is still in control and we trust Him.

Your Website Support?

Sawyer and I are still available to support you.  I (Doug) work full-time (and overtime) and Sawyer is here between 9 am - 12 noon, Mon-Friday PST.  So, call as you have in the past or use the ticket system.  We still get the tickets answered quickly, usually within 24 hours.  Call the toll free number.  If not answered in the office, it forwards to my mobile. 

Are We Going Out of Business?

We will still be here, but cannot maintain Best Way Websites any longer due to loss of business resulting from the COVID mandates.  We are in the process of migrating services to our authorized licensee, Local Website Experts.  They have their own brand of the platform we developed. 

We will still be supporting you using same system and service, but a different brand ... you may see a brand change, but don't worry!  We are looking out for you, we promise.

You will still use the same system and can still reach us by the same phone numbers.  In most cases, you will not even notice a change.

This is not what we anticipated for Local Website Experts, but it is fortunate that we did.  Your service can continue as it did before.  

Local Website Experts.

Local Website Experts is an authorized licensee of our platform.  We can seamlessly "push" your account to that provider and your services will remain the same.  

We will assist Local Website Experts.  In most cases, you will get to us when you call them.  In others, we may be 2nd level support.

Your local website expert is familiar with the platform that we developed so you will be in good hands.   We are UNSURE what will happen in the future.  If you are concerned, you may call us at (877) 901-0246.

  • We will Assist Your Local Website Expert.
  • Your service will NOT suffer, we promise!


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