We're Watching Out for YOU

Yes. We're Watching Out for YOU.

It's not a cliché.  In our determination to keep clients only if we deserve to, we've not made it difficult to leave us if you ever decide to do so, so ...

We Will NOT Hold Your Domain Name Hostage

If we register your domain name for you, you will own it and have direct access to it.  If you allow your domain to transfer to our professional domain management program, we will keep it locked down and registered for you for free as long as you host with us, and you still retain ownership of it.

If you decide to move your service to another hosting company, you may transfer your domain to any registrar you want easily.

Why is this important?  Because so many of our competitors are not up-front and do not provide full disclosure of the terms of domains that they may register in your behalf.

They often OWN your domain and you will have to buy it from them, plus jump hoops and cross deserts, slide down slides filled with razor blades while completely naked and then be dumped into a pool of alcohol and things even worse.

That is NOT loving your neighbor.

We actually care about our clients and we don't mistreat, abuse or do anything to deceive them ... EVER!

YOU will own the COPYRIGHT to Your Website

You hired a big, national or regional company to build your website and you are in some kind of a contract.  They have made you promises that were empty.  You've been cheated.  You were scammed.  You are stuck in the contract.  As soon as your contract expires, you want to get away from them.

Guess what?  They own the website contents.  It has THEIR copyright on it.  You thought you owned it.  You didn't.

With us, you own the copyright to your website.  You've PAID for it and it is yours.  You may leave WITH your website and choose another hosting company.  No problem.

Why do we do business this way?  Because it is the honest way to do business.

Honesty is NOT the best policy.  Honesty is the ONLY policy.

We don't need to deceive people or make it hard for them to get away from us, because our clients don't WANT to leave.

You're never "STUCK" with us!

This feature is unique with our company.

Use any other CMS (Content Management System) and you are stuck with it.

There are a few reasons the other website programs out there do it this way.  We cannot state with confidence all of the reasons a particular company chooses to deploy their developments as they do, or in which priority any or all of the reasons below are followed.

  1. It was EASIER for them to do it that way.
  2. It was MORE PROFITABLE for them to do it that way.
  3. It would make it HARDER OR IMPOSSIBLE for customers to leave their system.

With ANY and ALL other Website Builders or CMS' (Content Management Systems)

  1. Once you've started with them, you are "Stuck with them".  You CANNOT successfully manage your site using an ordinary Website Editor.
  2. In some cases, like: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal - the software that runs the site is hosted on the same account as your server and must be used.  Site contents is stored in databases and only retrievable by the CMS.
  3. In other cases with web-based, subscription based programs such as Weebly and Wix or the Website Builders provided by larger hosting companies, the content is stored deep within their networks and if you leave them, you lose your content.

With the Best Way Websites Website Builder and CMS

Our builder is the ONLY Website Builder CMS HYBRID on the Market!

  1. There is no limit to the customization you can have.
  2. Our program stores your content in two places: our system databases AND your hosting account.
  3. You can EDIT your website directly if you decide to stop using our CMS.
  4. If Best Way Websites was to DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY, your website would still be complete and editable directly or using any common / standard HTML editor!

Why did we take the time to create our program in this way?  Because we are looking out for YOU!

If you decide to "FIRE US", then "Fire Away!"  We don't make it hard or impossible to leave us.  We make it easy.  We want to keep you because you WANT to stay with us.  We're simply NOT WORRIED about you leaving!

We're Watching Out for YOU

Best Way Websites is an Easy Website Building and CMS (Content Management System) created for small businesses,
enabling them to easily, effectively and affordably manage their websites.