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Why Best Way Websites is the Best Website Building Program

Why do we say, "Our Way is the Best Way?"

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Why do we say, "Our Way is the Best Way"?

Because we truly believe our way is the best way.  We started out with stated principles to guide us and a dogged determination to NEVER compromise those principles.  One of those core principals was to create a program that was in the BEST INTEREST of our clients, NOT in the best interest of our company. 

We believe that watching out for our clients best interests is also in the best interest of our company.

We believe that if we are going to keep our clients it needs to be because we deserve to keep our clients, not because we have cleverly engineered a plan that would cause pain, complication, frustration and expense if they decided to leave us.  We follow "love thy neighbor as thyself."  We know about this pain, because it is what our new clients often experience when leaving one of our competitors.

Your Website, Your Copyright!

Yes, if we build your website for you using our powerful website builder, or you use our easy website editor to build your own site, you own the copyright!  This should go without saying, but it is OFTEN NOT THE CASE!

Download Your Entire Site with a Single Click

You may download your entire website from our CMS Dashboard at any time with a single click, fire us, and take it to any hosting company you choose. 

  • After all, you OWN it. 

You can use any program you choose to make your website edits. Just do a search for website editor for my computer and you will find dozens of optons.

You will not be able to use the Best Way Websites CMS, of course if you don't contnue to subscribe to it.  That is how we make our money.


The Four Reasons we Say, "Our Way is the Best Way".

One: We've got the Best Way to Create Your Website & It's Easy to Maintain

Our program is the first and only Website Builder and Content Management System Hybrid.  We have combined ease of use with powerful publishing, resulting in:

  • Attractive
  • Compliant
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Mobile Responsive & 
  • Results Based Development: designed to convert visitors into customers

Seeing is Believing

  • Get Your Free, Custom Website Demo Today!  Register Free (you won't need your credit card), complete your personal profile (only shared with us) and your business profile (will be public when you publish) and then call us or schedule a time for a call.  Any day.  Any time.
  • We'll provide a free consult for you.
  • We'll create a site for you to see: if you LOVE it, you buy it.  If you don't, you don't owe us anything.  We'll take that risk.

Custom Programming?

Custom Programming or Applications?  We can do it all.  Talk to us.

Two: We've got the Best Way to Serve You

  • We talk to every client.  You won't get your call outsourced to a call center!
  • We've got both Local and Vertical Licensees
    • We also work through and with independent owners in your local area that are authorized licensees of our program.
    • Some of our Licensees manage brands for particular "verticals".
    • We call these "Local Owners with Global Power."
    • We support them and we support ALL of their clients as well.  Many brands, same company!
  • You've got the power of the Best Way Websites program.
  • You've got the personal presence of your Local Licensee.
  • You've got the particular experience of your vertical Licensee for your niche market.

Three: We've got the Best Way to Show You Your Website

  • With Best Way Websites, "Seeing is Believing" because we show you something that is Better than a Portfolio, your own, custom website demonstration. 
  • We will personally consult with you and then create you a custom website demo for your review.
  • If you like it, you can buy it!
  • If you don't, you are not obligated and we part as friends.

Four: We've got the Best Way to Earn Your Trust

  • We take the risk and you don't feel vulnerable.
  • You can't lose!  Push the button below or give us a call.  You'll be glad you did.
  • There's no risk to you.  We won't ask you for your credit card and we won't send you a bill.
  • Your expert consultation and your custom website demonstration is free. 

We look forward to welcoming you into the Best Way Websites family!

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Best Way Websites is an Easy Website Building and CMS (Content Management System) created for small businesses,
enabling them to easily, effectively and affordably manage their websites.