Best Value Website Design and Marketing

Best Value Website Design and Marketing

Value is what small business owners need.

Price is but a single element among many that must be duly considered in order to compute real value.

The Truth is that Cheaper is Rarely Better

... and sometimes cheaper is not even cheaper.   If I purchase a "cheap" garden tool and it quickly breaks from ordinary use - not even enduring a single season,  is it really "cheaper" than a more durable tool that cost 3 times as much but would have lasted a lifetime?

Of course, not.  It actually would be "cheaper" to buy one costing more - because it would last due to superiority in materials and workmanship.

We Know that We Sell Value

Serious business owners and savvy business owners know how to compute value and they know that it is NOT all about the price.

We don't sell "cheap" anything.  We sell only valuable products and services, and therefore, they will simply cost more than "cheap" solutions sold by other companies.

How to Compute Value

It's not complicated. 

Take the price that the product or service is sold for and then list what you get in exchange for the cost.  You decide how much each item on the list is worth to you.

Add them all together and then compare what you think the product or service is worth versus what it is being sold for.  The price tag of the product or service should be LESS than how you evaluate the product or service or you should not buy it.

If you don't think you can do this well yourself, get a few business associates (successful in your field is best) and ask them to help you.

Product or Service Sold

  1. Feature = $value
  2. Feature = $value
  3. Feature = $value 
  4. Feature = $value
  5. Feature = $value

Total Value: $______________

Total Value - Selling Price = $_____________

If it is not worth as much (or more) to you than the asking price ... don't buy it!

Actual Value Considerations for Our Products & Services

  • Use of the absolute best website editor (CMS) for small business owners on the market
    • Super-easy to use
    • Built-in, on-the-fly on-site SEO
    • Virtually unlimited customization via our themeset system
    • Virtually unlimited expansion of your choice of thousands of 3rd party programs (seamless integration via php)
  • Unlimited, personal, direct phone support - we don't make you rely upon email, forums or "the community"
  • Business class, truly unlimited hosting
    • domains are free
    • popular cpanel administration
    • single-click installation of popular programs via Softaculous
  • Superior, built-in, "on the fly" on site SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Accepted & Required on-page SEO is accomplished on the fly as long as you follow the instructions in the editor
    • On page (on site) SEO is the foundation for discoverability by search engines
    • Everything that should be done is included via our CMS easy to implement

Best Way Websites is an Easy Website Building and CMS (Content Management System) created for small businesses,
enabling them to easily, effectively and affordably manage their websites.