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Google Analytics Setup

Want Your Google Analytics to Display Conveniently on your Dashboard?

Follow the instructions and steps that follow below to integrate Google Analytics to your Best Way Websites Dashboard and then you will have the stats conveniently, automatically load for you whenever you login to the CMS (website editor).

Want a Pro to Do it For You?

If you don't want to do this yourself, or it is too complex for you to follow, you may submit a ticket with this request and we will do it all for you for a one-time $50 webmaster fee.

Follow the Steps Below

Before you start ...  your website must have a privacy policy.  A terms of service page is optional.

We suggest that you combine your policies into one page and simply call it "Website Policies".

1. Login to Google Analytics:

  • Link is here: 
  • You are creating a new account
  • Make sure you select the Website button
  • Fill in account name, website name, url


Step 1 -

2. Tap on Admin tab in Google Analytics

Step 2 - select Admin tab
Step 3 - tap view settings
Step 4 - copy the View ID
Step 5 - paste the View ID into CMS
Step 6 - copy the tracking code
Step 7 - paste the tracking code into CMS

Login to:

Step 6
Step 7
Step 7-2
Step 8
Step 9
Step 10
Step 11
Step 11-2
Step 12
Step 12-2
Step 13
Step 14
Step 15
Step 16
Step 16-2
Step 16-3
Step 16-4
Step 17
Step 18

Final Step - Enable Analytics Reporting API

Tap this URL:

It will take a few minutes and you should start seeing the google analytics in your panel.

Initially, you may see error popup warnings, but they will go away after a few moments.

enable google analytics api

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