Website Development and Internet Marketing Affiliate Program

Best Way Websites includes a built-in Website Development and Internet Marketing Affiliate Program.

Our affiliate's program enables us to express our gratitude to our clients that refer us to their friends, families and business associates in a tangible way.

Advertising is expensive.  We want to use as much of our advertising budget as possible in our affiliates program.

Is the Best Marketing Still "Word of Mouth"?

Yes.  Especially when it comes in the form of an intelligent, enthusiastic endorsement.  The single greatest factor that determines whether or not someone will do business with you is confidence.

Consumer Confidence is one of the "4 C's of Marketing."  The four are: confidence, choice, convenience and communication.  

If you render the concept of consumer confidence down, you'll come to this one word: TRUST.

Winning trust is why we market as we do, providing no obligation consultations and free, custom website demonstrations.  Rather than forcing prospects to trust us without knowing us, we let them see what we can do for them.  We take the risk in the hope of winning their confidence.

Doing business by referrals is our preferred way of marketing. 

Free Affiliates Program

Do You Qualify?

  • Are you at least 16 years of age?
  • Do you have a social security number?

If you do, you qualify. 

How Do You Enroll?

It's simple to enroll.  First, create your free account with Best Way Websites. Once you have created your account, you will automatically be logged in to our program.  You will see alerts that tell you that you need to complete your profile.  Complete your profile and you are done!

How Will You Share Best Way Websites with Others?

Once logged in, you will see an affiliate's tab that will provide you with suggestions, education and tools.  You are free to share our program as you wish.

You are NOT required or requested to SELL our service.  An affiliate's role is simply referrals.  All you need to do is generate qualified leads.  We'll do the rest for you!

How Much Will You Earn? 

  • How much you will earn primarily depends your ability to generate qualified leads for our program and the number of those leads you can create.
  • Your commissions for referrals continues to rise as we can successfully close your leads and bring them into the Best Way Websites family of services.
  • Our Affiliates Program pays from 5% - 50%
  • Commissions paid on Corporate Profits from Each Sale
  • Commissions are paid on Setup Charges
  • Commissions are paid on Recurring Charges

How to Earn More

Your free account gives you the ability to create a website using our program.  Create your free affiliate website and develop first hand knowledge of our program's power and ease of use.

What Kind of Site May You Create?

It is not mandatory that you create a website (free) in order to participate in our affiliate's program.  This is a free offer for you if you are willing to follow our rules.

  • We absolutely disallow "adult" content (photographic or written).
  • You may create a personal account for free.  If you want to use your account for business purposes, you will have to upgrade to a paid account.
  • You may create an account for any personal, legal, moral and neighborly purpose.
  • If you want to express personal or political views that are controversial, we are fine with that so long as your avoid profanity and hate speech.  If you are so inclined to use your free site for political purposes (left, right or center - we don't care), prove that you are intelligent and have good manners and there will be no problem.  Resort to name calling, profanity and the like and we'll terminate your account and site.
  • If you don't like our rules, we're not holding a gun to your head to force you into our program!  Don't enroll.

WARNING!  We monitor all of our users sites for activity that is disallowed.  If you violate these rules, you forfeit your account and your site will be terminated.  

You can generate leads without even using our Website Builder and CMS (Content Management System), but you simply cannot possibly provide an enthusiastic and intelligent endorsement if you are not using the Best Way Websites CMS (Content Management System) yourself!

Your personal, affiliate website is free for you to build and it will host on Best Way Websites.  If you have a business or other interest that you would like to have published on your own domain, you've got that option for $150/yr or $15/mo.

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Are You Looking for Significant Secondary Income or Are You Looking for a New Career?

If so, you should consider "kicking" our free affiliate's program up a notch or two or ten!

With Best Way Websites, we give you the ability to own your own website development and internet marketing company via our professional private label program.

Professional Private Label Program

The private label program is a business opportunity.  It is NOT free, but it is easy and affordable and the rewards are far greater than our free affiliate's program.

It requires and investment (which equals risk) and with risk comes the potential for greater rewards.

If you are an entrepreneur, you understand this.

  • Setup is from $100 to $10,000, depending upon program chosen
  • Commissions paid on Corporate Profits from Each Sale
  • Commissions are paid for setup charges
  • Commissions are paid for recurring charges
  • Commissions are paid on three levels

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Best Way Websites is an Easy Website Building and CMS (Content Management System) created for small businesses,
enabling them to easily, effectively and affordably manage their websites.

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